Recently, we had the pleasure of attending Zoll’s Business Partner day, held at Park Royal Hotel Warrington. The event was hosted by Zoll, and fronted by their lovely Defibrillator Manager, Lyndsey Westcott.

The aim of the event was to bring all of Zoll’s Business Partners together to discuss all things defibrillator related. Lots of questions and statistics were bandied about, giving us the opportunity to learn something new about AED’s within an open forum environment.

Our very favourite defibrillator, the Zoll AED plus was demonstrated alongside their super wizzo Zoll AED 3 defibrillator. It was great to hear about their features and benefits and how they help to save lives.


It wasn’t all stats & facts though, Lyndsey encouraged fun ways to learn. We completed an AED jigsaw, took part in a CPR competition and also had a game of ‘Who wants to be a ZOLLunaire’, where £100 was up for grabs…. sadly, we didn’t win the cash, but our Defibrillator Training Officer Pauline, did win a big bag of chocolates, which she kindly gave to us to share in the office. Yum yum!

The day was a great opportunity to meet with other business partners from around the country, Some of who had come from as far as Scotland to spend the day with Zoll.

We felt that the event was a great way to learn more out these life saving devises, and look forward to learning more next year… if we get another invite 🙂

Thanks again Zoll!!

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