ZOLL defibs

What makes ZOLL Defibs the best in the biz?

ZOLL defibsWhy do we supply ZOLL defibs over other brands? The answer is simple, ZOLL defibs are the best in the business.

Over the many years that Concept Hygiene have supplied defibs to our customers, we have considered a number of different brands and models. Naturally we want to supply you with a unit which is at the top of its game. ZOLL have delivered…

Equipt with CPR Help technology, the sensors housed within the defib pads allows the defib unit to assess the quality of the chest compressions applied by the end user. This technology lets the end user know how they are doing whilst administering CPR.

ZOLL defibs are fully compliant with ERC’s 2010 guidelines, which lets the end user know when chest compressions are 5-6 cm deep. This is the optimum depth for good quality chest compressions, ensuring that a strong level of CPR is maintained, should defibrillation not be required.

‘One piece electrode pads’ are another fantastic feature of the ZOLL defib. Pads are already positioned ready to be applied to the casualty’s chest, which means correctly positioning the pads is one less thing for the end user to worry about.

The lid of the ZOLL defib can be used as a ‘passive airway support’ when placed underneath the casualty’s head. The lid can also be used to support the casualty if placed into the recovery position.

Both visual and audio prompts are also a feature, unique to the ZOLL defib. An illuminated display screen visually shows the end user the process before during and after defibrillation/CPR. In addition, the display screen holds vital information such as how many shocks have been administered which essential information for the medical professionals who take over from the end user.

ZOLL defibs are also BRIGHT green, making them easily recognisable in the event of an emergency 

Need we say any more about these fantastic products? They simply do everything you need them to do, plus more!

To make life even easier, within our service packages, we have included additional helpful items such as wall brackets, signage, child pads and other small consumables to help you in the event of an emergency. Being so easy to use, can you really afford not to have one on site?

Contact us today for more information on our defibs, service packages and training plans – 0800 996 1033

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