UK Heart Safe Awards – Finalists!

UK Heart Safe AwardsUK Heart Safe Awards – Finalists!

Reasons why?

Defibrillators ‘from £1 a day ‘ were introduced into our portfolio 5 years ago.

This was to enable Schools/Nurseries/Companies to have a Defibrillator on their premises without the expensive upfront cost. We provide a 3 monthly service check on the Defibrillator. We have Defibrillators on a rental contract all over the North West and beyond.

Concept Hygiene Ltd incorporated a dedicated website to Defibrillators only under ‘Concept Defibrillators’.

On this website we encourage customers to register their units with their local Ambulance Service, providing links to different regional sites, although we have recently offered to register our customer’s units for them.

One of our members of staff is trained to be able to give certified training sessions on CPR and Defibrillator awareness, for both Adults and Children.

Furthermore, all of our own staff are trained on an annual basis. We also offer all our customers training at their premises at a low cost.

Signage can be provided with our units.

Window stickers for any Defibrillators that are accessible by the general public and also Child pads as required.

Got an old unit? Let us buy it from you and replace it with one of our maintained units.

The old unit will be cleaned up, accessories replaced and donated to a local charity. We recently donated a unit to Liverpool Whitechapel Homeless Charity.

We have been awarded the Cardiac Smart Gold Award twice.

This year, we have included the Zoll Defibrillator within our portfolio which is one of the best units available on the market.

We are guaranteeing the same ‘£1 a day’ for this unit making one of the most expensive and advanced Defibrillators affordable.


To win a UK Heart Safe Award would be further recognition that we are doing good. Spreading awareness of SCA as well as encouraging and increasing confidence when using a Defibrillator.

Finally, good luck to all finalists in the UK Heart Safe Awards! 



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