Concept Hygiene & Zoll joined forces on Friday night and attended the 8th UK Heart Safe Awards, hosted by the Hands on Heart charity

The awards were held to give recognition to individuals and companies who have found time and resources to create Heart Safe environments for the workplace and the community.

During the evening, a glitzy Diamond Dazzle raffle took place, which consisted of 150 beautifully wrapped boxes being raffled for £20 each. Inside one of the boxes, was a gorgeous piece of diamond jewellery for one lucky winner to take home… who doesn’t love a diamond? The best part of the evening consisted of 17 defibrillators being pledged by a variety of different defibrillator manufacturers and business. As we all know, CPR is planned to be added to the National Curriculum, and taught in schools around the UK by 2020, so it was great to hear that these defibrillators were being donated to Primary schools across the country. Could the cause be any more deserving?

Presented by Jenny Powell, the UK Heart Safe Awards spanned across 13 categories, where Concept Hygiene were nominated for the Small Business Enterprise award. Did we win the award? Sadly, we didn’t, BUT we were over the moon to be nominated and have taken the nomination as a huge compliment. Although we didn’t come home with an award (or a piece of jewellery) we did get to meet some fantastic companies and deserving winners of awards.

We are already looking forward to next years awards event. Roll on UK Heart Safe Awards 2020 – we are coming for you!


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