Fit and healthy 21 year old lad, died from undetected heart condition whilst out on a jog

We are all feeling very proud here at Concept Hygiene, having recently been given the opportunity to donate one of our Zoll defibrillators to Merseyrail Ladies FC in memory of Joe Parkinson.

Joe who was 21, fit and healthy, sadly passed away while out on a run back in 2012. His death was the result of a Bicuspid Aortic valve, an undetected heart condition with no symptoms.

Joe’s Sister Holly, who plays football for Merseyrail Ladies FC, has recognised the importance of having a defibrillator readily available within the community, and has successfully raised cash for two defibs. One located at Mossley Hill Athletics Club, and the second at an Everton in the Community site. The defibrillator we have donated to Joe’s cause will be located at Admiral Park, Toxteth.

For us at Concept, it’s great to see a growing awareness of how important these lifesaving devices are and we are over the moon to be able to help with such a great cause, albeit under sad circumstances. Hopefully our defib at Admiral Park will be able to help others be ‘rescue ready’ in the event of Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

For more on Joe’s story, see the Liverpool Echo link below:-

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