‘Do you provide any Defibrillator training?’

We can provide training in half day sessions. Ring us for more information.

‘Can Defibrillators be kept outdoors?’

Yes Defibrillators can be kept outside. We recommend that they are housed within a heated cabinet. Please contact us for more details.

‘How many call outs can we have before we are charged?’

This is indefinite. We will supply as many replacements as required. Give us a call if you have any issues and we will be there the following working day.

‘After the 3 year service plan, who owns the Defibrillator?’

The Defibrillator belongs to Concept Hygiene. We provide you with a Defibrillator on a ‘Free on Loan’ basis for the duration of your service agreement. When your initial agreement ceases with us, we can arrange a new service agreement with you, or we can remove the Defibrillator from site.

How soon will we receive our Defibrillator?

Once we have received your payment, the Defibrillator will be dispatched from our warehouse within two working days.