Does my workplace need a defibrillator?

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Amazingly, there are currently no laws regarding the installation of defibrillators in the workplace. As there are no laws on the subject, the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) gives very little information on these lifesaving devises. IOSH (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health), the British Heart Foundation and the Resuscitation Council UK do however, recommend that defibs are available within the workplace.

On the basis that there is no legal requirement from HSE to install a Defibrillator in the workplace, we have found that businesses are actively installing these units because morally they are a good idea. They can save lives and also indicate that the organization is prepared to invest in health and safety measures.

What is the cost and how many defibrillators will we need?

Defibrillators cost in the region of £1000+ to purchase on an outright basis. On-top of this charge, you would also be required to purchase electrode pads and other consumables such as gloves and razors. Batteries would be your responsibility to maintain. Replacement pads and batteries can cost in the region £120.00. We are offering defibrillator service packages from £1.00 per day, which includes maintenance of the unit. We will replace electrode pads, batteries and consumables following use and also if they are due to reach their expiry dates. We provide signage and service documentation included within your annual charges.

If you are thinking about buying/renting defibrillators consider the size of your workplace, taking into consideration access points, the age of your workforce and distance from emergency services.

What type of training is required for using defibrillators?

If maintained, defibrillators are reliable. They are easy to use and will guide the user on how to use the unit via voice commands. No legal training is required to use a defib, however If you decide to provide defibrillators in your workplace, training staff on how to use them will give them confidence. In turn, confidence will ensure a speedy response in emergency situations. Our training sessions start from £28.00 per person. We will visit your premises to complete our training course which covers the use of defibrillators with the support of CPR.



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